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  • August 2019

  • Aug 12
    Designers' Saturday 2019
    Aug 12 –

    Designers' Saturday 2019

    Årets designfest i Oslo nærmer seg: Designers' Saturday 6-9 september. 

    Her finder du Savo: Stoppested 4, Kunsthøgskolen.


    Designers' Saturday 2019

  • April 2019

  • Apr 15
    Savo Soul i et nyt lys 2019
    Apr 15 –

    Savo Soul i et nyt lys 2019

    Stolfamilien Savo Soul vokser - den seneste tilføjelse er Savo Soul White og flere nyheder kommer i 2019.

    Se Savo Soul i nye og inspirerende miljøer.
  • Februar 2019

  • Feb 11
    Savo Soul White lanceret på Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019
    Feb 11 –

    Savo Soul White lanceret på Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019

    "Savo Soul White blev lanceret på Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019", siger KG arvidsson, chef for Savo. "Vi ser frem til at bringe det ud på markedet sammen med nyhederne i mesh, som vi også præsenterede". "Vi håber at se endnu flere besøgende på SFF2020".
    Savo Soul, med fokus på enkelhed og stil, er Savos mest købte stol i Norden. Det blev designet til Savo af Olle Lundberg

    For mere information:

    KG Arvidsson, chef for Savo
    e-mail: kga@savo.se

  • Januar 2019

  • Jan 07
    Savo på Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019
    Jan 07 –

    Savo på Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019

    Nyd forskellen!

    Mød Savo på Stockholm Furniture Fair, da vi præsenterer alle nyheder for 2019. "I år er vi specielt glade for at have en ny variant af Savo Soul hos os," siger KG Arvidsson, Sales Manager. "Savo Soul er designet til Savo af Olle Lundberg og er vores mest købte stol i Norden. Vi ser frem til at vise den til alle kunder."

    Desuden præsenterer Savo som leder af "mesh race" også flere mesh nyheder. Velkommen til Savo på Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019, stand A21: 20.

    For mere information:

    KG Arvidsson, Head of Savo

    e-mail: kga@savo.se
    Telefon: +46 (0) 70 584 61 38
  • Marts 2018

  • Mar 22
    Input interiör acquires EFG
    Mar 22 –

    Input interiör acquires EFG

    – A strategically important deal that increases our presence in the Nordic region, says Sune Lundqvist, CEO of Input interiör. Input interiör completed their first international establishment in Finland last year. With the acquisition of EFG, Input interiör is now also establishing itself in Norway and Denmark.

    EFG is a leading player with an interior solutions operation of 23 showrooms in the Nordic region as well as the EFG and SAVO brands.

    – With the acquisition, EFG’s interior solutions operation will become part of the Input interiör group and will thus become an interior design supplier exclusively, with access to new services and the widest range in the market. The manufacturing will have a stronger position to grow into a fully independent operation, says Marcus Westdahl, CEO of EFG.

    Input interiör foresees major advantages with the deal.

    – We have access to a new platform in Norway and Denmark while our operations in Sweden and Finland are being strengthened with additional skilled staff. We will also have access to two strong brands which will develop even faster separately, says Mille Milehem, COO of Input interiör.

    The deal is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2018.

    For more information, please contact:
    Marcus Westdahl, CEO EFG, +46 (0)730-98 14 00 or marcus.westdahl@efg.se

  • Januar 2018

  • Jan 19
    Savo strengthen the Soul at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018
    Jan 19 –

    Savo strengthen the Soul at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018

    Savo Office Seating have enjoyed an amazing journey over the past few years, especially with the launch of Savo Soul and the innovative Savo JOI.

     “Excellence in style and function is what we are about “, says KG Arvidsson, sales director at Savo, “we are very happy for the big interest and satisfaction with our products and ideas, not only on the Nordic markets”.

    In order to ensure and strengthen Savo´s position as a leader in the “mesh race”, several design news for Savo Soul, designed by Olle Lundberg, will be presented at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018.

    Products in new fresh colors, innovative mesh, softer seat and playful settings will be displayed in our stand A37:28. Don´t miss us!


    For more information:

    KG Arvidsson, Head of Savo
    e-mail: kga@savo.se
    tel: +46 (0) 70 584 61 38

  • December 2017

  • Dec 19
    Seasonal Greetings
    Dec 19 –

    Seasonal Greetings

    Savo Office Seating wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • Oktober 2017

  • Okt 25
    Savo Office Seating now on Instagram
    Okt 25 –

    Savo Office Seating now on Instagram

    Follow us and stay updated on the latest news...

    Welcome to Savo Office Seating on Instagram where we will post inspiration about our products, designs, reference cases and much much more! Don't miss out - start following us immediately and of course like and share our posts as well...!

    You find us here:


  • Okt 20
    Savo Joi - Now in the Express range
    Okt 20 –

    Savo Joi - Now in the Express range

    A year ago, we launched Savo Joi and it made a success immediately and received a fantastic reception. Because of that we are now  excited to have it in our express range, where you can get it delivered within five working days. Read more about our express assortment here and about Savo Joi here
  • Okt 16
    Cowi chose Savo Soul Conference
    Okt 16 –

    Cowi chose Savo Soul Conference

    When COWI, one of B8 Denmarks contractual customers, was updating their interior design, they decided to furnish several of the meeting rooms with the new Savo Soul Conference.

    COWI is an international consulting company focusing on environment, building & property, infrastructure, industry, process and energy.

    Increasingly, and many times longer meetings, make more demands on the chair. Savo Soul Mesh Conference offers a high level of comfort and mobility, with few settings for the user. The mesh backrest in mesh also only provides a slight pressure against the back and gives the user an airy and light feel. That in combination with the airy design were crucial factors for COWI when choosing a chair for their new conference rooms.

    Read more about the Savo Soul Conference here
  • Juli 2017

  • Jul 10
    Savo Soul Mesh at Eurosport
    Jul 10 –

    Savo Soul Mesh at Eurosport

    Savo Office Seating has been cooperating very well with film studio producer Serge Dardeau for about 15 years, when he has been using our work and meeting chairs for several projects. He has, among other things, given us the opportunity to show our chairs in the football and golf studios at Eurosport. Most recently, the bestseller Savo Soul Mesh with soft seat and glides was appearing in the Champions League studio.
    Previously, other Savo models have also been on air, including the OS in Nagano and in the show Åsted Norway, which is still being broadcasted.

    Read more here


  • Jul 07
    Your best friend at the office
    Jul 07 –

    Your best friend at the office

    With the active work environment there is today, the demands on our furniture and equipment increases.

    You need a flexibel and active surrounding to get the most out of your day.

    With Savo Soul Mesh you get a task chair that gives you the freedom of flexibility in two directions of the back. Up and down but also sideways, which relaxes your back and gives you an ergonomic way to sit. The advantages of a mesh back are many. At first sight you´ll probably just get a feeling of a modern task chair, easy to place in any environment or facility. The mesh design also adds a timeless sense to the furnishing. Amongst other things the mesh is breathable which gives you a feeling of airiness and not getting to warm and you don´t have any unnecessary pressure against your back.

    Savo Soul Mesh is also adjustable in height, as well as all of our task chairs.

    The best task chair or other ergonomic gear is the one you don´t think about when you use it. Almost like a natural extension of your body. Savo Soul is the chair that moves you – in any direction you want.

    The possibilities with Savo Soul Mesh are endless, even when it comes to color.
    Read more here

  • Juni 2017

  • Jun 29
    Savo at Designers Saturday
    Jun 29 –

    Savo at Designers Saturday

    Welcome to visit us when we attend Designers Saturday in Oslo 8-10 September. We exhibit at AHO, Architecture and Design College, Mariedalsveien 29 (bus stop 2), where we will show our products with focus on Savo Soul Conference, Savo Soul Mesh and Savo Joi.

    Program Designers Saturday:

    Friday, September 8th:
    Opening of Designers Saturday, Langkaia 1, from 16.30. Opening at 17:00.
    Award ceremony from 17:30 to 18:00.

    Saturday 9th September:
    09.00 - 18.00 Free buses and 36 open showrooms.
    Saturday Night Party from 19:00.

    Sunday, September 10th:
    11.00-16.00 Free buses and 36 open showrooms.
    16.00 The auction begins at KHiO and on Blomqvist's website.

    Read more about Designers Saturday here
  • Maj 2017

  • Maj 31
    Press release Savo Soul Conference
    Maj 31 –

    Press release Savo Soul Conference

    Savo Soul moves into the meeting room

    Savo's bestseller Savo Soul is now expanding the family with a conference and meeting chair.
    The Savo Soul Conference was previewed at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017 and is now available to anyone who wants to sit better in the meeting. One of many benefits of the Savo Soul Conference is that it is intended for many different users and therefore requires few adjustments, most of which are automatic and based on user weight and sitting pattern. The upholstered conference armrest in metal is available in black and polished design and adds a stylish and timeless look to the chair, but also a comfortable and ergonomic sitting.
    Savo Soul was launched in 2014 and is designed by Olle Lundberg and has ever since then won great success. Therefore, it is now time to put the conference and meeting rooms in centre of attention with the new addition Savo Soul Conference. The chair is available in several different versions, but especially the mesh design gives a modern and airy impression. Perhaps even a more active and focused meeting?

    For more information:
    KG Arvidsson, Head of Savo, Tel +46 8 702 67 62.
    E-mail: kga@savo.se
  • Maj 24
    Savo Soul User Guide
    Maj 24 –

    Savo Soul User Guide

    How do you adjust your Savo Soul in just 100 seconds? Follow our easy user guide and find your best position in a moment. You will find the user guide here
    Would you rather do it step by step? Then you'll find the instructions here
    More information about Savo Soul can be found here
Feb 05 –

Taburetten som hjælper ryggen

Alle der har trænet med en Pilates bold forstår hurtigt pointen med den nye kontortaburet, som SAVO præsenterer på årets møbelmesse i Stockholm.

Den giver god balance der holder kroppen lige og afslappet. Det er den gode recept for trætte kontor rygge.

På Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2016 udstiller SAVO med temaet ”Sid som du har lyst til” – og vi viser hvordan godt designede kontorstole hjælper os til at have det bedre på arbejdspladsen.  Med ni ansvarsfuldt producerede stole familier, masser af tilvalg og stoleversioner, 111 forskellige stoftyper på lager og en engageret sælger- og support organisation, har SAVO som ambition at være markedets mest attraktive mærke på kontorstole.

En af vore bedste nyheder er taburetten, eller Pallen, som hjælper ryggen til at sidde rigtigt. Rygproblemer er en af de største årsager til dårligt helbred og sygemeldinger blandt kontoransatte. Denne nye Pall er et lille, men vigtigt bidrag i kampen mod slitage og dårlig ryg.

Den grundlæggende idé er at man skal kunne bevæge sig lige som man vil og har brug for, uden at begrænses i nogen retning. Op og ned, frem og tilbage, dreje til højre eller venstre og hele vejen rundt. Denne unikke balancebase med 360 graders svingradius, sørger for at kroppen er  i bevægelse og forhindrer dermed stivhed. At sidde med korrekt vinkel i hofte og ryg sker nærmest automatisk.Pallen fungerer godt i siddende stilling, men giver også støtte til den der vil stå op og arbejde ved skrivebordet.

Følelsen er lidt som at træne samtidigt med at man arbejder. Fleksibilitet og rotation stimulerer mikrobevægelser i ryggen, som dermed bliver mere stabil. Pallen aflaster benene og retter ryggen op. Det er principielt umuligt at sidder forkert.

Vi er meget stolte over den fantastiske Pall, siger Solvor Øverligen Magi, som er Nordisk chef for norske SAVO. Det er smart at kunne veksle mellem taburetten og den almindelige kontorstol – og den fungerer perfekt til korte effektive møder. Desuden passer den ind i de fleste kontormiljøer.

SAVO kan findes i Montre A38:20. Vi vil gerne invitere alle messedeltagere til at snurre en tur på vores nye Pall og stifte bekendtskab med alle vore produkter til komfortabel og sund siddestil.


Solvor Øverlien Magi, Nordic Business Director
Telefon: +47.97748883
E-mail: solvor.magi@savo.no